Jan 7, 2010

B2B Social Media benchmarkes for better strategic marketing planning

I was digging around for some B2B benchmarks and measured results from social media initiatives for a couple clients who wish to better understand what to expect from a campaign. It's surprising how few people focus on this, so I thought I share some of what I found. Admittedly, I'm not satisfied, but it's a start. I'm still looking for some solid accounts like "we did this" and "here are the results" in terms of traffic, awareness, lead gen and sales. Hopefully some of the folks reading this will pass along some good stuff.
For a client in the consulting industry, I selectively (meaning there is a lot more in the report) extracted the following data is based on the 2009 B2B social media benchmarketing study by business.com http://www.business.com/info/business-social-media-benchmark-study using responses from 2,393 participants.

  • 80% of participants are using Social Media as a business information resource. For 3 of the top 4 resources, 69.1% use webinars or podcasts (84% at large companies), 62.1% visit company profiles on social media sites (70% at large companies), 55.1% visit company blogs (64% for large company participants), and 54.5% conduct searches for information on social media sites (66% for large company participants).
  • 60% participate in online business communities or forums, or asking questions on Q&A sites like Yahoo! Answers or LinkedIn Answers
  • For participants from large companies in the computer, software, internet or online industries, 80%-84% attend webinars and use podcasts, 75%-86% visit company blogs, 68%-72% visit company profiles on social media sites, and 66% - 68% conduct searches on social media sites.
  • Senior management participants working for mid- to large-sized companies use significantly more social media resources for business information. Of these participants, 77% are more likely to use webinars and podcasts, 67% visit company or product profile pages on social media sites, 61% visit company blogs as well as conduct searches for information on social media.
  • Of business-to-business (B2B) companies where two-thirds or more of company revenue comes from sales to other businesses, 77% are currently involved in planning or managing social media initiatives. The vast majority (94%) of these are directly involved in planning or managing social media initiatives for their companies and spend, on average, 21% of their time in a given week on business social media activities.
  • For the B2B companies with social media initiatives, 81% are maintaining company profiles on social media sites, 75% use micro blogging (Twitter), 74% maintain one or more company blogs and 73% are monitoring company mentions within social media.
  • For monitoring success in a measureable way 68% of companies use website traffic, 60% use engagement with prospects (leads) and 52% use engagement with customers (revenue).

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