Nov 9, 2011

Instagram can be a great showcase for Action, Outdoor and Adventure Brands–Part 2 of 2

Continued thoughts on Instagram from earlier today….

Thought 6: If you're a professional creative, you can also post serious pics

There are a number who have been already hard at work. Although she’s not in sports, check out Daniella Rosario from Brazil (IG @daniellarosario - pics to the right). If you don’t have Instragram here is her DR Photo_thumb[2]blog . Note, that I’m asking for forgiveness after the fact here so check her out.

She’s also kind enough to promote other photographers she likes so cruise her collection on IG to find more examples. At this resolution, any theft would probably be outweighed by the additional awareness of the work I’d guess. Note, that theft is still an ongoing issue on IG, so take that into account and consider watermarking your pics.

Thought 7: Explore the Iphone editing apps available to you

I swear I can edit a photo on my iphone 2x faster than on a laptop. Camera+ is where I suggest you start. The filters in IG are great, but you can do so much more outside. Fact: In two years of being an Iphone owner, photo editing apps have been the only ones I was happy to pay for. That’s me though…

Thought 8: Get on the Pop page

From what I can tell, you'll want +200 followers to start making the page. As professionals, I'll leave the artistry to you. Not surprisingly, I can tell you IGers tend to favor quality pics that are interesting. The key is to have a large enough base of followers since the IG pop page algorithm has a lot to do with momentum in the first hour.

Thought 9: Feed word of mouth

For integrated marketing (buzz word alert!) add IG to your website as well as post pics to Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr. Another approach I’ve seen is to host\judge a contest of user photography in your genre. This can position you as an authority.

Thought 10: Direct the right audience to your feed

Figure out the right hashtags (#actionsports etc) so your feed can be easily discovered by community members interested in topics related to your work and tag your pics accordingly. I’ve been lazy with this, so do as I say, not as I do. Also, think about creating a #[yourbrandname] hashtag. Then, create an RSS feed so non Iphone users can follow using this format[hashtag name]/feed/recent.rss

Last thought: It’s about integration, so don’t forget about your other social channels

Instagram killed my Twitter time as indicated by my Klout diving 30 points over the summer. Oops.


  1. At this resolution, any theft pay to get instagram followers would probably be outweighed by the additional awareness of the work I’d guess.

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